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In the issue 70 / Spring 2014, we address the theme of visual fatigue.

Various symptoms of discomfort are associated with performing visual tasks, especially at near viewing distances that are more and more usual nowadays. Different causes of visual fatigue are described, with their various consequences, and particular attention is brought to accommodation for pre-presbyope patients, to better understand its mechanism and associated visual fatigue symptoms.

This issue is also dealing with all the possible impacts of poor vision, and is introducing for you the newly created Vision Impact Institute, and its challenge to give awareness of the key value of well corrected vision for everyone.


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Visual Fatigue

Symptoms of discomfort are common among patients who spend considerable time performing tasks at near viewing distances – such as is common among computer users. Although the symptoms can be vague and seem elusive, they can usually be eliminated or reduced by diagnosis and treatment of the work arrangement and the visual system – including proper spectacle correction of presbyopia. This article summarizes clinical management of vision-related discomfort

Prof Jim Sheedy

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Prof Jim Sheedy, Director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, Orégon, USA Interview with Jim Sheedy about Visual Fatigue, for Points de Vue website.
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In this new issue we focus on the subject of Visual Fatigue. This is an important and interesting topic and an increasing amount of research is going into the many causes of Visual Fatigue, making it a subject of increasingly widespread concern. Indeed vision is a sense that interacts strongly with the elements of our static and dynamic behaviours and which makes intensive demands on our brain...

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