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Scientific and clinical communities, the world of industry, health professional organizations and consumer associations are all increasingly committed to prevention programs. However, there is still a lot to be done in the prevention of eye diseases. Today, scientists and clinicians agree on the fact that protection against the harmful effects of light (UV and blue-violet, the most energetic portion of the visible spectrum) must begin at the earliest age. Among the risk factors (such as genetics, smoking, diet, etc.), chronic exposure to harmful light has clearly been identified as the pathogenesis of numerous ocular diseases. However, these cumulative effects are not yet well known to everyone.

To better understand the risks and consequences of phototoxicity, we invited experts from around the world to share their knowledge and opinions on the matter of prevention. In this issue, we welcome twenty-six experts: researchers, physicians, prescribers, specialists in photo-protection, market research, etc., and even a young artist!

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Visual Fatigue

Symptoms of discomfort are common among patients who spend considerable time performing tasks at near viewing distances – such as is common among computer users. Although the symptoms can be vague and seem elusive, they can usually be eliminated or reduced by diagnosis and treatment of the work arrangement and the visual system – including proper spectacle correction of presbyopia. This article summarizes clinical management of vision-related discomfort

Prof Jim Sheedy

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Prof Jim Sheedy, Director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific University, Orégon, USA Interview with Jim Sheedy about Visual Fatigue, for Points de Vue website.
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For its 35th anniversary, this 71st issue comes with a fresh editorial line and welcomes twenty-six experts sharing their perspectives on the theme of prevention.

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